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Bedding Design With A Difference

Inspired by nature, using only natural fibres, Her Shed's Summer range of bedding was born.  We spoke with Kerrie Molloy, designer and owner of Her Shed to find out how the range came together.

Kerrie with her husband

What makes your designs different from what's out there at the moment?

I try not to follow trends. I like to stay one step ahead to offer customers something unique, which they will be able to cherish and get enjoyment from for years to come. 

I am careful with the colour palettes I choose, so that most pieces can blend together and compliment each other. The neutral tones can be accentuated by pops of colour from a throw, cushion, lampshade..........

Why do you only work with natural fibres?

I believe that there is nothing better!  Pure linen, silk and cotton are the best you can get.  Pure linen will cool you down when it's hot and warm you up when cold.  Silk is a pure luxury to sleep under and it's great for your hair and skin, and cotton, with it's crisp feel is beautiful. 

So, tell us about your designs for your summer range?

We have the Drift and Capri, beautifully hand stitched reversible padded quilts in Linen.  You're getting two looks in one quilt which I love!  You get bored of it one way, change it over to give you a completely different look.

Drift Reversible Linen Quilt

The Serene is a lightweight quilt in fine, cinnamon or sand coloured linen with a matching cotton backing. The linen top is lightly tucked to create a soft, textured, square patterned surface with a twist.

The Marli is a soft, very lightweight, reversible quilt in white cotton. Features beautiful rows of traditional hand stitching in grey cotton.

Marli Reversible Cotton Quilt

The Marcella is a reversible cotton quilt with an intricate lily leaf detail on both sides. It softens the look of your room and is often used by interior stylists as it's a great base to add colour to.

Marcella Reversible Cotton Quilt

What can we expect from you next?

Well, I have just received the samples for my Winter fashion range for 2018, which I am loving! The fun starts again with photo shoots and road trips to visit my customers. 

I'm passionate about using natural fibres and producing quality and unique pieces that I absolutely adore.  


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